Video: C.J. Watson on His Interests in Technology, Its NBA Connection and More

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Growing up among the flashing lights and technologically advanced amenities of Las Vegas, C.J. Watson became enamored with technology at a young age. As an NBA veteran, he’s taken advantage of his bigger platform by getting immersed on Google’s campus last summer, sitting in on meetings, studying how the company builds products and seeing how they hire new employees. Now this year, Watson is starting to write


Fresh Dishes of Curry: Seth Distinguishes Himself as a Playmaker, Emerging Brand, Outdoorsman and Uncle

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About a year ago, on March 27 to be exact, Seth Curry had just helped the Kings beat the Mavericks, and as he was in the middle of an interview on the court, DeMarcus Cousins surprised him from behind with a major confidence boost. “Hey, you’re going to be in this league a long time, boy! Remember that! A looong time!” he hollered at Curry, smiling,


Cooking for a Cause with Pau Gasol


While in Los Angeles last weekend, former Laker Pau Gasol did much more than play on the court. He cooked, with an important message in mind. The newly-elected NBPA Vice President attended Jordan High School for The Flavor of Togetherness, an event hosted by the Gasol Foundation. Families enjoyed a free cooking class with instruction from celebrity Chef Lovely from Common Threads, an organization that confronts child obesity through


The Missing Links for Kids: Gerald Henderson’s Annual Golf Invitational for Underserved Youth

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While at Madison Square Garden last weekend, the NBPA also caught up with Nik Stauskas’ teammate Gerald Henderson, who will be hosting his fourth annual charity golf invitational this summer, teaming up with fellow NBA players and former Duke teammates. For the first time, Henderson will be holding the invitational in his hometown of Philadelphia at Green Valley Country Club, and the July 31 event will


Soaring Sixer: Nik Stauskas Expands Presence On Air and in Healthcare Outreach

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During All-Star Weekend, players and fans got a chance to see Nik Stauskas’ broadcasting skills on Snapchat and Canada’s The Sports Network. It was his second straight All-Star experience covering the action, after interviewing NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts last year in Toronto. Not only is the 76ers shooting guard growing in the broadcast booth—including through a regular podcast he hosts in Philadelphia—but he also represents his