Sneakers Meet Slippers: Ty Lawson’s New Footwear Line SLKRS Builds NBA Player Interest

(Photo courtesy of Ty Lawson)

If you run into Kings guard Ty Lawson and wonder why he’s wearing sneakers way bigger than his 5’11” frame, make sure you do a double take. They’re actually not sneakers. They’re his new creation called SLKRS—sneaker-looking slippers. After a soft launch in March at his former Nuggets teammate J.R. Smith’s charity event in New York City, Lawson will be officially releasing them for sale this holiday season


From Helping His Father After Cancer to Expanding His Filipino Roots, Jordan Clarkson’s Impact Grows Globally

Jordan Clarkson (right) with his brother, Julian, and father, Mike, in October 2014, seven months after his surgery to remove a Stage 4 carcinoma alongside his spine. During Mike's recovery, Clarkson was embarking on his rookie season in the NBA with the Lakers. (Photo courtesy of Jordan Clarkson)

LOS ANGELES — Jordan Clarkson had just turned the corner into 2014—as a blossoming star at Missouri with sights set on the NBA draft that year—when he was hit with some devastating news in January: his father, Mike, was diagnosed with a Stage 4 carcinoma that had spread up and down his spine. The situation led to a special initiative that’s currently in the works as part of Clarkson’s now


Trevor Booker and Jonah Baize: From College Teammates to Successful Serial Entrepreneurs

Jonah Baize and Trevor Booker at Booker's wedding, where Baize was the best man. (Photo courtesy of Jonah Baize)

They became inseparable friends from the moment they met in college. Their low-key personalities meshed as one was from the countryside of South Carolina, the other from the cornfields of Indiana. And they were college roommates, locker-room neighbors and gym rats, teaming up for late-night gym sessions to work on their moves in drills, one-on-one and HORSE. Off the court, they enjoyed paintball and making social media videos imitating celebrities


Impacted by a Best Friend’s Suicide, Kyle Anderson Builds Programs, Supports Mental Health Legislation

Kyle Anderson (center, kneeling) with one of the tournament teams at his annual Celebrate Life Day event in honor of close friend Paul Kim, who died by suicide two years ago on Oct. 21, 2014. (Photo courtesy of Kyle Anderson)

As his mother, Suzanne, describes it, he was “on top of the world.” Her son, Kyle Anderson, 21 years old at the time, was a rookie in only his first week of the 2014-15 preseason with the defending champion Spurs, his locker was close to arguably the greatest power forward ever, Tim Duncan. And he just had two games where he scored 17 and 14 points, respectively, as the starting small


Ricky Rubio Overcomes Lifetime of Family and Friends Stricken by Cancer, Builds Foundation

Ricky Rubio at a Minnesota Lynx game with his father, Esteve, and mother, Tona, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012 and passed away earlier this year. (Photo courtesy of Ricky Rubio)

MINNEAPOLIS — Wherever he goes, whenever he takes the Timberwolves’ practice court, the team’s starting point guard Ricky Rubio wears a special clear beaded bracelet on his right wrist. Except for NBA games, Rubio has worn the Lokai bracelet all the time since last season, when Arnie Kander, the Timberwolves’ vice president of sports performance, gave him two. One was for Rubio. The other was for