Executive Director’s Office

Michele Roberts – Executive Director
Ricki Dean – Executive Assistant

Senior Management Team

Chrysa Chin – Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development
Gary Kohlman – General Counsel
Roger Mason, Jr. – Deputy Executive Director
Jordan Schlachter – Chief Marketing Officer
Gary Arrick – Chief Financial Officer
Nicholas Daniel-Richards – Chief Digital Officer
Tara Greco – Director of Communications

Legal Department

Ron Klempner – Senior Counsel Collective Bargaining
Ramya Ravindran – Deputy General Counsel
Kirk Berger – Associate Counsel
Trevor Carlisle – Legal Assistant

Finance Department

Theresa Clark Messer – Director
Shelia Thompson – Accounting Manager
Kendalle Freeman – Staff Accountant
Tiffani Kenny – Staff Accountant
Keisha Wilson – Accounts Payable Senior Associate
Yvonne Moiseau – Finance Assistant

Security & Logistics

Kevin Tucker – Director of Security
Lupercia Ten – Assistant to the Director

Strategy & Development Department

Latoya Sterling – Director
Kevin Carter – Specialist

Communications Department

Tara Greco – Director

Marketing Department

Jordan Schlachter – Chief Marketing Officer
Matteo Zuretti  – Director International Relations and Marketing

Player Programs Department

Purvis Short – Director
Roy Hinson – Senior Regional Director
Tim McCormick
– Senior Regional Director
Frank Brickowski
– Regional Representative
Keyon Dooling – Regional Representative
Tamar Slay – Regional Representative
Joe Rogowski
 – Director of Sports Medicine and Research
Lupercia Ten – Assistant to the Director
Jason Straight – Project Manager

Career Development Program

Deborah Rothstein Murman – Director
Jeff Lamp – Career Development Counselor
Rich Rinaldi – Career Development Counselor
Lloyd Walton – Career Development Counselor
Bobby Simmons – Career Development Counselor

NBPA Foundation

Sherrie Deans – Executive Director

Digital & Technology

Nicholas Daniel-Richards – Chief Digital Officer
Jaime Comas – Director of IT
Aime Weissinger – Creative Engineer

Human Resources & Benefits Department

Meryl Steinberg – HR Manager & Benefits Specialist

WNBPA Operations

Evie Goldstein – Director
Nancy Olisma – Manager

Building Management

Wayne Gordon – Property Manager
Mike Chappell – Maintenance Worker

Administrative Assistants

Caroline Ladd – Administrative Assistant
Nadira Ramratan – Administrative Assistant
Gigi Freeman – Receptionist