CBS Profiles Michele Roberts’ Rise from South Bronx Projects to NBPA Head


While NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts has no kids of her own, every single day the well-being of more than 450 young men is her top priority. On Monday, CBS This Morning highlighted Roberts’ close connections to players and her rise to NBPA head.

“These guys, they may change teams, they may change agents, they may even change wives and girlfriends, but the one constant as long as they are players is the players’ association,” she said. “My feeling about my relation to them is genuine. I have 450 kids.”

Through the in-depth profile, CBS revisited the South Bronx housing projects where Roberts grew up, and the Bronx Supreme Court where her mother took her to watch trials for entertainment. To check out the video feature, click here.

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    Dear Michele,

    I admire you. Ideas are the most powerful tools we have. Here’s mine. Of course your challenge is getting anybody to care about rich people cutting deals to make themselves richer, where even solidarity among players for their main bargaining tool – threat of a walk-out – may be weak. You mentioned having 450 kids. These are the kids who made it, God bless them. Like you, many got there through blood, sweat, and tears, along with the grace of God, and usually at least one person who cared in a society quick to write them off. Nearly all of them, and a lot of fans, care about those kids where they came from, who look up to them.

    It’s just another case of all new income going to billionaires who least need it. If you’ve happened upon a Bernie Sanders rally it’s abundantly clear that people are sick of it. You want leverage, and solidarity? Demand a return to 60%, with half of the increase going to players, and the rest going to the kids – youth programs for poor kids, including tickets for them. Recreational, tutoring, and mentoring programs. It would be a chance for the owners who care about anything besides money to show it, and for the ones who don’t, a chance for fans and players to make it about something else.

    I really think you can do something for 4.5 million kids here, Michele. Please acknowledge that you received this. Thanks, and good luck.

    Yours truly,
    Dale Becknell

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