Cooking for a Cause with Pau Gasol

While in Los Angeles last weekend, former Laker Pau Gasol did much more than play on the court. He cooked, with an important message in mind.

The newly-elected NBPA Vice President attended Jordan High School for The Flavor of Togetherness, an event hosted by the Gasol Foundation. Families enjoyed a free cooking class with instruction from celebrity Chef Lovely from Common Threads, an organization that confronts child obesity through the kitchen. Children and their parents learned the importance of cooking and eating healthy, as well as while implementing fruits and vegetables in their meals. And the Spurs veteran cooked with them and shared his own experiences.


“Cooking as a family can help teach kids how to eat healthy and help them make informed choices about the foods they eat as well,” he said. “Getting everyone to grasp the concept of simply substituting fast food for homemade and more nutritional options is indeed a first step.”

Started by Pau and his brother Marc of the Grizzlies, the Gasol Foundation aims to reduce the rate of childhood obesity by modifying the healthy habits of children and their families. Since its establishment in 2013, the foundation has been promoting various sports, exercise, nutrition and health programs around the world.

“[Overcoming obesity] is not something that can be done overnight, but if we all work together, we can create a healthier tomorrow,” Pau said. “This is a cause that I am very passionate about and will continue to campaign for.”


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    Hola escribo desde Uruguay. Mi marido adora el basketball y no se pierde un partido de la NBA. Estaremos festejando mi cumpleaños el día 26 /7/2017 en nueva York y estaremos en casa de una amiga en nueva jerseyí hasta el 9/8 y me gustaría saber si hay eventos NBA a los que puedamos acceder por la cercanías.
    Gracias. ANDREA

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