Dr. William D. Parham


NEW YORK, May 31, 2018 – The National Basketball Players Association [“NBPA”] is pleased to announce the selection of William D. Parham, Ph.D., ABPP, as the inaugural Director of Mental Health and Wellness. In this new role, Dr. Parham will oversee the development and management of the recently launched NBPA Mental Health and Wellness Program. The Program will serve as a resource for all NBPA members, assisting them in addressing any mental health challenges and issues.

Dr. Parham, a licensed psychologist and board certified by the American Board of Professional Psychology, currently serves as a Professor in the Counseling Program, School of Education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. During his decades long career, he has worked with athletes of all levels across various organizations and sports. Dr. Parham, together with Keyon Dooling who has served as the NBPA Player Wellness Counselor since January 2018, will set up the Program’s primary headquarters in Los Angeles.

“We are excited to have Dr. Parham on board and to get the Program up and running,” said NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts. “We have heard our players’ stories and are making mental health a priority now by bringing in Dr. Parham. His many years of expertise and knowledge of the game allow him to make an impact in this new role right away.”

“The NBPA is to be commended for listening to the collective, clear and courageous voices of the players whose concerns and challenges, relative to their mental health and wellness, are very real and, for many, long-standing,” said Dr. Parham. “I am humbled and feel honored to assume the helm as the inaugural Director of the NBPA Mental Health and Wellness Program. Developing and sustaining the preeminent mental health and wellness program in professional sports is an absolute top priority. I look forward to collaborating with relevant stakeholders as we create safe spaces for players to learn best practices for achieving and maintaining optimal mental health and wellness.”

“After watching Dr. Parham work behind the scenes for many years to destigmatize the conversation around mental health and athletes, I am so thrilled to see him accept this official role with the NBPA,” said NBPA Player Wellness Counselor Keyon Dooling. “Not only does he have the pedigree to serve as our Director of Mental Health and Wellness, he also understands basketball and respects the culture around the game. We could not have picked a more qualified individual for the job and I look forward to working with him.”

Media Contact – Elle Hagedorn, 212-655-0896, elle.hagedorn@nbpa.com


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