Video: Chris Copeland on Facebook, Apps, Dominoes’ NBA Popularity and More


Last week in New York City, the NBPA caught up with Chris Copeland at the Bucks’ hotel, The Ritz-Carlton, to hear about his unique techie and business offseason, how the Dominoes app is sweeping the NBA, his basketball team’s makeup and much more.

Interview highlights:

0:00 — Externship at Facebook this past summer, and interest in mobile apps
2:11 — Favorite apps including Dominoes, and its popularity around the NBA (including top gamers Paul George and Carmelo Anthony)
5:12 — Exploration in the real estate and transportation business
5:49 — His Bucks’ role being the oldest player, Jason Kidd’s impact, team bonding over movie nights and more
7:48 — Recounting the big moment three years ago when he was told by the Knicks that he finally made the NBA

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