Video: James Young on His Water Outreach in Flint, Tech and eSports Interests, and Boston’s Playoff Prep

(Photo courtesy of Roc Nation)

While James Young was raised in metro Detroit, he still embraces his ties to his birthplace of Flint, Mich. That’s why he made two water donations to the city last year, including visiting 23 different homes and delivering nearly 60 cases of water with the American Red Cross. And it’s why he’ll be back this summer working with the disaster relief organization, to aid the city’s continued crisis involving water affected by high lead levels.

In the meantime, Young is preparing for a deep postseason run with the Celtics, who on Monday night moved past the Cavaliers to take the No. 1 spot in the Eastern Conference. Video chatting with the NBPA this past weekend, the 21-year-old discussed his community outreach in Flint, as he’s joined the NBPA Foundation, NBPA Vice President Anthony Tolliver, Andre Drummond, JaVale McGee and Reggie Jackson, among others, in relief efforts.

Young also talked about prepping for the playoffs, his offensive and defensive progression, and other off-court interests in tech and eSports, learning from his Boston buddy Jonas Jerebko, who owns a few teams in the professional gaming world.

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