Bubble Hobbies - Golfing and Fishing

Bubble Hobbies - Golfing and Fishing

With regular season basketball underway (yeah, that sentence really is true), the Union members are back in action looking to claw their way to the naming rights of being the 2019-2020 NBA Champions. 

During the season’s hiatus, we took a look at some of the hobbies the players picked up during quarantine, such as their love of video games and the competitive drive it provides. Well, now that the Union members have relocated to one central location, the “Bubble” down in the Walt Disney World Resort, some new hobbies have become the norm for the players during their downtime in Orlando. 

The two activities the players have actively been enjoying down in the Bubble are golf and fishing. While the intensity on the court is back to normal as every team is looking for a way to get the necessary wins for playoff-seeding purposes, golf and fishing have provided a relaxing outlet for the players to have in between an intense practice or heated game.

On the luxurious golf courses the Disney properties have provided for the players, the Union members have taken the time to showcase their skills, and room for improvement, in different sports. 

The Philadelphia 76ers have been actively showcasing their activities in the “Bubble” - especially golfing. Josh Richardson posted a video of himself, Al Horford, Shake Milton, and Matisse Thybulle enjoying the links together down in Orlando.

(courtesy of NBA Bubble Life)

Richardson and his teammates are using the activities provided in the bubble to help relieve some of the stress that comes during the season. However, the drive the players have to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy on the court extends onto the course during their “break” too.

While the competitive nature remains on the putting greens, at the end of the day, the Union members are teammates, and there is no better hype-man than a supportive teammate. We saw that form of support in action from the Boston Celtics’ two-man combo of Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum as Tatum was teeing off with his driver.

(courtesy of NBA Bubble Life)

Walker is providing Tatum another one of his amazing assists by supporting his teammate as he’s teeing off. The two teammates are primed for a deep playoff run together this summer, but they also seem like a dynamic duo on the golf course that could be hard to stop too. 

The activities don’t stop on land for the players, as fishing has become quite the norm for many Union members to partake in during their free time in Orlando. The players have taken to the water to showcase their range from deep-waters. The Los Angeles Clippers’ trio of Montrezl Harrell, Paul George, and Reggie Jackson have been seen showcasing their success and love for fishing down in the Orlando waters.

(courtesy of NBA Bubble Life)

Harrell has been seen fishing a few times since he arrived in the “Bubble,” but in the above video, you can see him showing off the fish that was caught alongside Paul George and Reggie Jackson. It appears the Lakers aren’t the only thing Harrell and his teammates have their eye on catching down in Orlando.

With the playoffs right around the corner, you can feel the competitive juices flowing in the players down in the “Bubble.” However, make sure to tune into the other “matches” that the Union members are partaking in on the links and in the water: we’ll have those covered for you.