Foam Rolling Tips for Athletes

Foam Rolling Tips for Athletes

For any athlete, proper recovery is essential to maintaining high-performance levels. Whether you just completed a hard workout at the NBPA x Five-Star Virtual Basketball Camp or played in a playoff game in the bubble like our Union members, taking care of your body is key to staying healthy and playing your best. 

One effective recovery method is foam-rolling. 

What is foam-rolling? 

Foam-rolling is a type of self-myofascial release or self-massage technique that helps reduce muscle soreness & tightness. 

“Foam-rolling is a great way to increase flexibility, enhance recovery and reduce soreness in lower body extremities after working out,” says Snehal Patel, Physical Therapist at the Hospital for Special Surgery 

For basketball players, it’s easy for muscles to get tight or overused - especially after a hard workout. 

To help your body perform at its best, do this routine both before and after workouts. 


Focus on each muscle group for approximately 1-2 minutes.

Divide the muscle you're rolling into three segments - bottom, middle & top. For each segment use three different rolling techniques:

  1. Roll - Roll up & down the muscle about 5-10 times

  2. Sheer - Bend the joint up & down 3-5 times putting force on the muscle

  3. Side to Side - Move side to side putting cross-friction on the muscle 

After performing each technique, flush out the muscle by rolling all the way up and down 3-5 times before moving to the next muscle group. Perform on each leg. 

If you find a spot extra tender or extra tight, roll that spot for longer! 


IT Band




Calf Muscles 

For more information on how to treat and recover from injuries, visit the Hospital for Special Surgery, the #1 Hospital for Orthopedics and Official Hospital of the NBPA.