NBPA Training Ground: How to Get Started

NBPA Training Ground: How to Get Started

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So you’re ready to learn from the pros, improve your game and Train With Us from anywhere? Perfect, you’re in the right place.

The National Basketball Players Association recently partnered with Famer, the sports coaching and mentorship platform, to bring you the "The NBPA Training Ground presented by SPALDING" – a virtual training platform where you can learn from NBPA union members like Aaron Gordon and Andre Drummond or from professional skills trainers like Pro Hoops & Chris “Lethal Shooter” Matthews!

We’ve been working hard to bring this platform to life, so now we want to give you an inside look. Keep reading for step by step instructions on how to get started at the NEW NBPA Training Ground presented by Spalding.



Step 1: Download Famer and Sign Up

First things first – download the most up to date version (5.8) of the Famer App to your mobile phone. You’ll then need to enter your phone number and will be texted a 6-digit confirmation code. Enter this code to sign in.


Once signed in, you’ll be prompted to enter your birthday, gender and create your Player Card. This is what your trainer and other athletes within the Famer App will be able to see so they can know a little bit more about you!

Here, you’ll enter your first name, last name, upload your favorite action shot and select your Club.

Step 2: Select "NBPA Training Ground by Spalding" as your Club

Now, it’s time to join the NBPA Training Ground. This is where you’ll get exclusive access to our training content led by NBPA members, Professional Skills Trainers & NBPA Grassroots Coaches – excited yet?


Step 3: Select “Famer Play”

After joining the NBPA Training Ground you want to select "Famer Play". 

Famer Play is where you will receive mobile coaching, video instruction and be assigned training programs designed by the best basketball players and trainers in the world. What better way to strive to be the best than to learn from the best?

Once selected, click “Begin Training”.

Congrats! It’s that simple, your account is set up and you’re now a part of the NBPA Training Ground - where the next generation of stars come to work!

Once you have successfully subscribed you'll receive a welcome video from Chris Jean, Senior Director of NBPA Grassroots Basketball and Events. He will be the one assigning you workouts!

But now what? Keep reading to learn how to use the app and start training.


Once you hit "Begin Training", you'll be directed to your schedule tab where your workouts will be listed. 

Immediately when you sign up - you'll be assigned your first workout!

We don't waste any time here at the NBPA... you've got to get to work if you want to make it pro like our union members!

Make sure to adjust your preferences in settings to allow notifications – you’ll be notified when a workout has been sent!

Each week you will be assigned three workouts which will take around 30-60 minutes each to complete. The workouts are split into three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. 

Choose your workout based on your skill level. Not sure what skill level you are? Try out all three if you're feeling up to the challenge! Push yourself! The more work you put in, the more you'll get out! 

With each assigned workout, you’ll receive a detailed plan with the workout name, drills, sets, reps and an instructional video for each drill where your coach describes both the HOW & WHY behind each drill.  

When you click on a specific drill, you’ll be able to see the equipment needed, written instructions and a video of your coach teaching and demonstrating.


Once you have a good understanding of the drill click “Upload Video” to upload a video of yourself completing the drill. If you'd rather just watch the drill video, instead of performing it, you can just "Mark as Done." 

This way you can track your progress of how you're doing and successfully completing your drills and workouts. Accountability is key!

On the "Me" tab, you'll see your Player Card where you can view the videos of the drills you performed within the Training Ground OR add new videos you would want to share with Followers.

If you finished your workouts and STILL want to see more, you can head on over to the Watch tab. 

On the watch tab under "Featured" you can get a preview of the diverse training content the NBPA Training Ground has to offer. 

Because we want to help you develop both on and off the court, our well rounded training curriculum covers everything from Shooting and Ball Handling to Stretching and Mental Preparedness. 

You can learn how Aaron Gordon uses visualization and breathing techniques to train his mind before he hits the court or how Andre Drummond uses curl cuts to get open and wall sits to build strength so he can lock down defenders!

The expansive content library is constantly being updated to help keep your game staying sharp!

Coming soon you’ll be able to sign up for our Famer One program where you can receive 1:1 training, real time feedback and video analysis from an NBPA Certified Grassroots Coach!

We’re still working on getting it ready for you, but here’s a little preview…




We’re still working to refine and develop all that we can offer through this new platform, but don’t worry, this is just the beginning. We’re excited to have you Train With Us and we hope you enjoy it.

If you haven't signed up yet, click HERE to get started!

 Welcome to the NBPA Training Ground!