Setting Goals: Financial Literacy Tips with Spencer Dinwiddie

Setting Goals: Financial Literacy Tips with Spencer Dinwiddie

At the NBPA, we want to help you achieve your goals ON and OFF the court! Through our Financial Literacy program, we share lessons learned by our 450 members and teach core money moves to help get you ready for life and learn more about how money works!

At last year’s NBPA Summer Basketball Camp, Spencer Dinwiddie shared the “5 Steps to Financial Literacy.” In preparation for our upcoming virtual NBPA x Five Star Camp,  where we’ll teach more money moves, let’s review what Spencer taught us last summer.

Today’s Lesson: Set Goals & Put in Work!

In this video, Spencer talks about the big goals he has in life - both financially and professionally.

Do you have something you want to achieve? 

Maybe it’s making varsity or making it to the NBA? Saving up to buy NBA 2K21 or saving to become a billionaire?

Whether big or small, you have to start somewhere, and setting goals is the perfect place to start. 

Just like Spencer said, it’s important to have both personal and financial goals. Below, we share the difference between the two.  

- Personal goals are goals set by someone who wants to achieve things that result in bettering their life.

- Financial Goals are goals a person sets that are based on money. 

For Spencer, his personal goals are to maximize his prime as a basketball player and win championships, while his financial goal is to become a billionaire and use it to help people.

Those are some pretty lofty goals, but with hard work and dedication, there’s no reason he can’t accomplish them!

What are your goals? Take some time to think about them, then once chosen, put in the work to reach them! It won’t be easy, but if you set a plan of action in motion, then follow it with focus and discipline, you’re one step closer to reaching your goal.

Do you think Spencer became a professional basketball player overnight? Think again! It took years of hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to become a pro. He was even cut twice by the Chicago Bulls and is now a contributing factor to his team scoring over 20 points a game! That didn’t come easy!

He won’t become a billionaire overnight, but with a plan of action, hard work & financial education, he’s heading in the right direction. 

So think about what you want to accomplish?  Set Goals & Put in Work!