New Looks Around the Association

New Looks Around the Association

Being stuck in quarantine has left us all looking for ways to spend the extra time that we didn’t have before the pandemic hit. Some players have picked up cooking, while some have reverted to old habits of playing video games. However, there is one accessory of life you may say that has allowed many players, and fans like you and me, to develop and grow during this uncertain time: hair.

Famous hairstyles and beards in the NBA are a part of its history. From Julius “Dr. J” Erving’s iconic afro to James Harden’s notorious beard, Union members are easily identified by their height, but their iconic looks make them household names. 

The lack of access to barbers, and the reality that being seen in public was no longer a common occurrence, has allowed players to try out new hairstyles and grow out their facial hair for an extended period of time. 

A three-time champion and four-time league MVP, also known as LeBron James, has used this quarantine to see how his beard would react to months inside. Would it rival Harden’s legendary beard? Would it hinder his ability to chase a fourth title? We will soon find out the answer to that second question, but James has shown his commitment to being an all-time great on the court doesn’t hold him back from having a little fun and seeing what new styles can work during uncertain times. 

Tyler Herro has played like he isn’t a 20-year-old rookie this year as he’s averaging 12.9 points on 39% shooting from deep, as he’s making a true impact on a contending Miami Heat team. Herro is a marksman from deep, and his calm demeanor when the spotlight is on him makes him even more mature for crucial moments in marquee games. 

The added free time in South Beach has also given Herro an opportunity to try some new looks. The rookie was already known for his fashion expertise with his pregame outfits, but Herro took it to a whole new level with his recently changed hairstyle during the quarantine. 

Herro is looking to make an even more significant impact as the resumption of play quickly approaches - maybe the new threads will help him make another big shot, this time in the big lights that are the playoffs. 

Caris LeVert also hopped on a similar hairstyle change as Tyler Herro, as he looks to use his new threads to his advantage in the season’s restart. LeVert’s role for the Nets down in Orlando will be elevated due to the players not attending on the roster, and his new look is one that could give him that extra boost when the ball is in his hands. 

LeVert’s added muscle, along with the new hairstyle, shows that this quarantine has allowed him to take care of his body, both in on-and-off-court performance.  

Fashion is a rapidly growing interest among many of the Union members. Yet, the recent fashion “trends” they’ve been focused on have shifted from the pregame “fits” to the in-game hair. 

Which Union member is currently rocking your favorite hairstyle?