Post Moves with Lisa Leslie

Post Moves with Lisa Leslie

When you think about the greatest Women’s Basketball player of all time, Lisa Leslie should come to mind. 

During her 12 year outstanding WNBA Career, the WNBA Champion, All-Star, MVP & 2x Olympic Gold Medalist, established herself as quite simply a Basketball Legend and one of the greatest female athletes of all time. Known for her incredible post moves & athleticism, Lisa was a trailblazer in Women’s Basketball.

While she’s retired from playing the game, she’s not retired from teaching the game. Now at the NBPA Training Ground, you can learn from the basketball legend as she teaches you the post moves & footwork that made her so successful!

In this NBPA Training Ground Video, Lisa demonstrates the Reverse Pivot Step Back, a move to help you create separation from the defense. Try it out!

Drill: Reverse Pivot Step Back 

Time: 5 Makes each side from the Post & Wing

Directions: Start on the right block with your back to the basket and flip the ball out to yourself. When you catch the ball, open up towards the hoop by pulling your right leg through while keeping your left leg planted. Once facing the basket, take one dribble towards the middle, plant your right foot, step back to create space, and take a jump shot. On the left block, do the same thing but open up with your left leg coming through on the reverse pivot instead. Do this from both the block and the wing!

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