Invited campers will be able to participate in virtual activities and key programs including the coaching and parent programs will be offered online

NEW YORK, NY (May 15, 2020) – The National Basketball Players Association today announced the cancellation of the 2020 TOP 100 High School Basketball Camp (TOP 100) due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TOP 100 was scheduled to take place in June 2020 on the campus of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

TOP 100 celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and since its inception in 1994, it has helped more than 400 players successfully transition into careers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Through various classroom discussions and a comprehensive on and off-the-court basketball program, TOP 100 emphasizes character, education, and skill development as the core principles necessary to maximize a player’s potential. The camp also includes a coaching program for current and former NBA players and an educational program for the parents and guardians of campers.

While TOP 100 will not be taking place in its traditional setting, the NBPA remains committed to providing some components of the TOP 100 experience this year in the following ways:

  • For TOP 100 Campers – Online seminars and discussions on topics related to stress management, college recruiting, social media, and others will be offered by experts, counselors, and current and retired NBA Players.

  • For Parents – In line with the previous Parent Program curriculum, online presentations and Q&A sessions with NBA parents and experts will be available for parents of TOP 100 Campers.

  • For Current and Former NBA Players – Aspects of the TOP 100 Coaching Program will be offered online, including e-presentations from top-level high school and college coaches, online group film sessions, and more. 

“It is with great regret that the NBPA is unable to provide this unique experience for this year’s group of elite high school basketball players,” said Purvis Short, Chief of Player Programs at the NBPA.  “We hope all of our campers and their families are staying safe and healthy during this time and we look forward to interacting with them virtually as we adapt some our TOP 100 programming to be done online.”

“While it is unfortunate that TOP 100 as we know it will not be taking place this year, the health and safety of all parties come first,” said Michele Roberts, Executive Director of the NBPA.  “By offering these virtual programs for campers, parents, and players who are interested in coaching, we are hoping that we can still provide some of the core instruction and mentorship opportunities that make TOP 100 so special.”

About the NBPA

The National Basketball Players Association is the union for current professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Established in 1954, the NBPA’s mission is to protect and support the rights and talents of our players, magnify the power of their collective will, and amplify their voices as leaders who will transcend sport and society globally.

The NBPA advocates on behalf of the best interests of all NBA players, including the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, the filing of grievances on behalf of the players, or counseling players on benefits, educational and post-NBA career opportunities. Business opportunities are generated by THINK450, the for-profit subsidiary of the NBPA charged with managing the players’ group licensing rights.

Dedicated to preserving the legacy of its members, the NBPA Foundation provides support and assistance to persons, communities and organizations around the world that seek to improve the lives of those in need.