Gold Level Sports & Entertainment and the NBPA Partner Up to Announce The Throne

Gold Level Sports & Entertainment and the NBPA Partner Up to Announce The Throne

Taking place from March 29-April 1, 2023, at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, The Throne is a one-of-a-kind platform that will bring a single-elimination bracket-style basketball tournament to the high school ranks


NEW YORK, NY, November 22, 2022 – Gold Level Sports & Entertainment and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) have teamed up to create, The Throne, a one-of-a-kind platform bringing a bracket-style basketball tournament to the high school ranks.

As a four-day single-elimination basketball tournament, The Throne will bring together sixteen of the top high school boys' basketball teams in the country to compete in a bracket-style format for the highest title, National Champions. By partnering with the NBPA and THINK450, the NBPA’s business development and innovation arm, The Throne will be curated with the support and expertise of current NBPA members, creating an event “for the players, by the players.”

"It’s such an incredible opportunity for the best high school teams across the country to meet on the court and put on a show,” said Harrison Barnes, NBPA Executive Committee Member. “I’m grateful for my high school career successes which were the catalyst to my NBA career. Additionally, these athletes are fortunate to have various platforms available to build and capitalize their brands. I’m excited for them to showcase their skills, but also develop leadership and business principles."

“The Throne is another innovative platform that allows our NBPA members to give back to the next generation of players,” said Que Gaskins, President of THINK450. “The high school athletes participating will have a unique opportunity to compete against other top-ranked talent from around the country in an environment curated by our players and on-site at one of the nation’s most prestigious HBCUs. We are thrilled to partner with Gold Level Sports & Entertainment and its player advisory board to produce this one-of-a-kind event, and we look forward to producing a fun, elite-performance and high-exposure tournament that will be impactful for all involved. 

The Throne will take place from March 29 through April 1, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia at Morehouse College, one of the most prestigious historically black four-year liberal arts institutions. Through this platform, The Throne aims to support the development of HBCUs by driving awareness of the college's rich culture and history.

The Throne will also provide these high-school athletes the opportunity to further showcase their talents on a national level and develop their own personal brands through select media. Additionally, player participants will attend educational workshops on various life skills that will be curated by NBPA staff.

"As a player we experienced a lot of what these players are going through," said current NBA Player, Danny Green. “That’s in-large part why we created The Throne, to give these players great exposure, but more importantly we’re giving them our resources to help them become successful both on and off the court"

Individuals interested in this event will have an opportunity to attend in person, watch the nationally televised broadcast or follow along on the @theNBPA and @TheThroneHoops social media channels. More information will be released at this coming Spring 2023, including team selections, ticket sale dates, and media distribution.  

WHEN: March 29 - April 1, 2023

WHERE: Morehouse College

830 Westview Drive SW, Atlanta, GA 30314   

MEDIA: Those available for interview include the Throne President Darren Duncan, Vice President Jackie Nunes, THINK450 President Que Gaskins, and current NBA Player Danny Green.

For additional information about The Throne or to request an interview, please contact:

About Gold Level Sports & Entertainment 

Gold Level Sports & Entertainment (Gold Level) is a brand marketing firm with expertise in creating sporting opportunities for the next generation of athletes. Gold Level specializes in event operations, television productions, digital engagement, media relations, and developing marketing strategies for brands to increase their sales revenue. Gold Level shares their love for sports with the youth of tomorrow. Gold Level was founded by Danny Green (NBA Champion and current player) and Darren Duncan (former professional international basketball player) – both of whom are actively involved in coaching, training, and youth development through basketball. 

About the NBPA

The National Basketball Players Association is the union for current professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Established in 1954, the NBPA’s mission is to protect and support the rights and talents of our players, magnify the power of their collective will, and amplify their voices as leaders who will transcend sport and society globally.

The NBPA advocates on behalf of the best interests of all NBA players, including the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, the filing of grievances on behalf of the players, or counseling players on benefits, educational and post-NBA career opportunities. Business opportunities are generated by THINK450, the for-profit subsidiary of the NBPA charged with managing the players’ group licensing rights.

Dedicated to preserving the legacy of its members, the NBPA Foundation provides support and assistance to persons, communities, and organizations around the world that seek to improve the lives of those in need. 

About THINK450

THINK450 is the innovation and partnership engine of the NBPA, dedicated to uncovering shared interests between the 450 players and leading brands to build more engaging partnerships. Together with its partners, THINK450 creates innovative ideas that engage fans, stir them to action, and earn brands the right to participate in cultural conversations. For more information, visit