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NEW YORK, NY, February 8, 2024The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Jakob Poeltl, and Gabe Danon are teaming up to relaunch "Poeltl," a daily online guessing game that tests fans knowledge of their favorite NBPA members. First launched in February 2022 by founder Gabe Danon and named after current NBPA member Jakob Poeltl, Poeltl was inspired by the impact of popular daily online puzzle games and gives users eight (8) attempts to guess a mystery NBA player of the day.  

With this relaunch, Gabe Danon will collaborate with the NBPA to help manage the creative operations of the game and work together to develop and enhance the user experience. 

Poeltl's namesake and current NBPA member, Jakob Poeltl, will also serve as a co-owner and ambassador of the game. In this role, Jakob Poeltl will work with the NBPA and Danon on content, promotional, and branding-related activities to amplify the connectivity between players and the "Poeltlcommunity. 

Along with a new look inspired by classic arcade games of the 90s, the relaunch of Poeltl will feature a leaderboard function in the coming months that will allow users from around the world to track their progress and receive performance-based prizes, including invitations to in-person events and physical player memorabilia. 

"We are excited to team up with Jakob Poeltl and Gabe Danon to relaunch Poeltl," said Brian Lee, SVP of Player Marketing at THINK450. "Our players are true basketball ambassadors on a global scale, and this game will help individuals learn more about the collective group of players. This game will also be a great way for us to engage with the basketball community, and we look forward to providing a fun gaming experience for everyone to enjoy."     

  "Poeltl is a fun opportunity for basketball fans to challenge themselves and learn more about their favorite NBA players," said Jakob Poeltl. "I am thrilled to be a part of the game's relaunch and collaborate with the NBPA to grow the Poeltl community worldwide." 

"I'm very excited to be partnering with the NBPA to launch the Poeltl game on this incredible platform," said Gabe Danon. "This will enable the game to reach new heights and more users and continue to be a source of daily enjoyment for basketball fans around the world." 

Below are the rules of Poeltl

1. Visit 

2. On the homepage, click the "Show Silhouette" button on the top right corner to view a silhouette image of the mystery NBA player of the day. 

3. After viewing the silhouette image, use the search bar to submit a guess for the mystery player of the day. (Users have eight attempts to guess the player of the day). 

4. Users will receive a clue(s) on the mystery player of the day with each guess. These clue(s) will show users whether they have the right team, conference, division, position, height, age, or jersey number for the mystery player of the day.  

  • Green is an exact match.

  • Yellow is a close match. For reference, a close... 

    • Team indicates the player previously played for that team.

    • Position indicates the player plays at least one of the positions.

    • Height, age, or number is off by at most two units.  

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