NBPA Partners with The Prisoner Wine Company to Celebrate “Game Change Game” Premiere

NBPA Partners with The Prisoner Wine Company to Celebrate “Game Change Game” Premiere

NEW YORK, NY, June 13, 2022 – The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) is excited to announce today a collaboration with The Prisoner to celebrate a major milestone, the acceptance into a major film festival, for the union's first-ever documentary, “Game Change Game”. The film tells the story of the NBPA’s members' fight for social justice and racial equality during the unprecedented 2020 season. Through personal footage shot by players and interviews with a range of thought leaders, recording artists, and journalists, the documentary chronicles how NBA players came together and decided that “sitting on the bench was not an option” as they made the collective decision to confront and address social justice issues in America. 

Following the film’s premiere, the NBPA will host a reception where attendees will have the opportunity to experience and taste The Prisoner’s flagship Red Blend while also learning more about The Prisoner’s commitment to social justice and programming to change the narrative around mass incarceration. This event will begin a season-long partnership between the NBPA and The Prisoner to collectively raise awareness around social justice issues through multiple touchpoints aligned with the NBPA’s members and their work in this space.

“Fighting injustices in our society—especially those tied to our prison and policing systems—is indelibly etched into our identity and a focus of our brand commitment,” said Bukky Ekundayo, vice president and general manager, The Prisoner Wine Company. “We were inspired by the athletes’ decision to take a stance and leverage their platform to drive change. Similarly, we believe we have a responsibility to use our platform and voice to join the call for justice. Our partnership with the NBPA is just one way we are working toward racial equality.”

“It had never been more evident that the game is a place of progressive ideas, leadership and action than in the Bubble during the summer and fall of 2020,” said Que Gaskins, interim president of THINK450, the innovation and content engine of the NBPA. “The players used their platform and raised their collective voices to call for change. “Game Change Game” captures that time in a way no other film could because of the proximity to players and the union’s role in supporting their efforts. We are honored that The Prisoner Wine Co. recognizes the game-changing impact of our members and values our collaboration to create an allyship that supports our players while also driving their business forward.” 


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When The Prisoner was released two decades ago as a complex blend of some of California’s best and most unusual grape varieties, it swiftly and permanently changed the American perception of what a red blend wine could be. The Prisoner Wine Company grew to include a range of rule-bending blends with provocative label designs, and the portfolio has been recognized by consumers and critics alike as one of the most innovative wine brands in the market, leading the resurgence of California luxury red blends and earning “cult” wine status. Today, Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann and her team work with over 100 growers in northern California, bringing together exceptional fruit to produce a family of bold and intriguing wines. The Prisoner Wine Company is located on Highway 29 in Napa Valley and welcomes visitors year-round for unexpected, immersive experiences. To learn more, visit