PLAY FOR CHANGE - COMPOUND and NBPA Join Forces for a More than Basketball Collaboration for Social Justice

PLAY FOR CHANGE - COMPOUND and NBPA Join Forces for a More than Basketball Collaboration for Social Justice




COMPOUND and NBPA Join Forces for a More than Basketball Collaboration for Social Justice

NEW YORK, NY, September 15, 2020 — NBA players have consistently been leaders of change in their communities, using their voices and their resources to bring attention to the ongoing episodes of social injustice, police brutality, and systemic racism across the country. On August 26, the players used their platform to stage a powerful protest, opting out of their games after Jacob Blake was shot 7 times by Kenosha Police in Wisconsin. This “pause” by the players caused another shift by forcing conversation and action to take place and many other sports organizations followed suit.

To further amplify the players’ fight for change, Compound founder Set Free Richardson and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) have come together in support of the athletes to promote Compound’s ‘Play for Change’ campaign. Inspired by the NBA, brand Jordan logo and the iconic Black raised fist symbol used for decades to raise awareness of Black pride, power, and the fight for justice, Set Free created a new logo in support of players using their platform and playing for change.

The logo represents that players are more than athletes and entertainers, and if they play, they “Play For Change!”

Starting September 2020, the NBPA and Compound have partnered up to distribute ‘Play for Change’ t-shirts to NBA players still residing in Orlando, FL for the 2019-2020 NBA restart and playoffs as well as to players residing outside of the bubble to continue to make their voices heard.

“I created this logo so that players have a symbol that represents their voices in these times and beyond,” said Set Free Richardson, founder of the Compound. "The NBPA is a perfect partner to help with this initiative as they continue to amplify the voices of the players and their calls for justice.”

"At the NBPA, we have creatively collaborated with the Compound on several key initiatives, leveraging the worlds of art, fashion and culture to bring unique experiences to our players,” said Que Gaskins, Chief Brand & Innovation Officer at the NBPA. “Therefore, when Set Free presented his vision for the Play For Change logo, I knew instantly it would resonate with our players as it symbolically captures the tone and spirit of their voices during this important time of social justice and awareness."

Compound, a creative marketing agency where art, music, fashion, and sports are fused, inspires an atmosphere for innovation. Set Free and Compound’s mission is to support creatives at all levels and reinforce their platforms through multifaceted forms that will positively influence the culture. Compound further focuses on community service and social change through activism and charity work.

The NBPA will continue its commitment to social justice by supporting the players and their activism in their communities through increased support for social justice-related initiatives and organizations, the NBPA Foundation’s player matching grant program and the overall amplification of their voices. For more information on player activism, visit


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