A Time to be Thankful: Thanksgiving (Special Edition)

A Time to be Thankful: Thanksgiving (Special Edition)

Last month we took a look at how the Union members celebrated previous Halloweens with different costumes with their family and friends; this time around, we’re going to look at November’s pride possession, Thanksgiving, and see how the players have honored the holiday in the past. 

Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends get to come together to celebrate what they are thankful for over a large and plentiful meal. Typically taking place at the beginning of the season, Thanksgiving gives the players a chance to relax and think about what is about to take place for the next several months, as they stuff their face with turkey, stuffing, and the traditional Thanksgiving Day Football games.

Thanksgiving not only represents a time to show thanks to those in your life, but it is also an opportunity for you to give back to those who are less fortunate than you - something we saw Russell Westbrook do during last year’s Thanksgiving celebration.

Russell Westbrook Giving Back to his community

Westbrook is known for his assists on the basketball court, but his way of giving back off the court stands as his best assist yet, as he looks to impact the community by giving back and “putting a smile on people’s face during a time of giving.”

Kyle Kuzma is another Union member who showed last year that Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity to give back and show the community how much they mean to you. Kuzma did this by packing holiday meals for senior citizens in the Los Angeles community.

Kyle Kuzma gives back to his community by packing up holiday meals

Enes Kanter has shown his love of food in the past by sharing the cheat meals he enjoys during his off-season training, so you can only imagine how the scoring big-man celebrates the holiday of thanks and food consumption. 

Last season Kanter sent out a question to his fans on social media, asking them a very important Thanksgiving day question: 

Enes Kanter reaching out to his fans on Twitter during last year’s Thanksgiving holiday season

We all have our favorite Thanksgiving joke and favorite Thanksgiving item on the table: what was your favorite part of Thanksgiving? Keep up to date with what the Union members are doing throughout the year to stay engaged with YOU fans on the NBPA Grassroots Blog.